I’m not a big fan of doing portraits…I simply don’t enjoy or understand the process of getting the best out of someone when you are sticking a camera in their face. Some people are brilliant at it, I am not one of them. I do grab shots now and then I kinda like.


I know it’s a self-portrait, but I feel it’s fair. When I’m taking a photo, for better or worse, I hide behind the camera. I strongly favour candid photography. The less of me they see, the better my photograph will be.

Tim Dillard

A good, old friend of mine, Tim Dillard. I just snapped this as we walked, but being an actor, he somehow managed to make it look interesting.

John McHale (with ice-cream)

John McHale, production designer extraordinaire loves his ice-cream, and he’s a great sport about having a camera shoved in his face! I took this when we were working together on a short film called The Daughter of The Brotherhood. We had just come off the long, gruelling shoot for Kisses, a wonderful feature film that was shot mostly at night, meaning it had been months since we’d had a meaningful relationship with daylight.

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