Moustache Task Course

MyselfMariaDanny and Dave went to the latest Dublin Game Jam from Global Game Craft and *drumroll* won! The above time-lapse was made over about four and a half hours. As we develop the game further, I’ll post about the process over on No Robots.

Our game is called Moustache Task Course, it’s a moustache-themed party game. We purposely chose the title because it would be difficult to say if a)very excited or b)blind drunk. Or both, which is c).

A sample of some of the questions/challenges:

A comet is hurtling towards the Earth at over 88 miles per hour. Our only chance is for you to use your manliness to push the Earth’s orbit out of it’s path. Do 5 pushups.

Who was the last moustachioed U.S. president?
A) Theodore Roosevelt
B) William H. Taft
C) Grover Cleveland
D) Chester A. Arthur

You find yourself outside a club at 1:45 am on a Saturday night. Your friends are inside and you’ve had a little too much to drink. No problem for a manly man like yourself. The bouncer takes your I.D. What year were you born if you are… Choose any age over seventeen and give the player three seconds to work it out.
Like two armies battling in the Ardennes, you have reached an impasse. It’s time for… Rock Paper Scissors (the chess of men). Winner moves forward one space, loser moves back one space.

We worked hard to make sure that the tone was right – funny and accessible, female-friendly and making good-natured jokes about manliness that anybody could enjoy.

Thanks again to Global Game Craft for all their work hosting and organising the event.

  • Date: April 8, 2014
  • Skills: Design, Ruleset Design
  • Client: Global Game Craft