I Try My Best


The game is written in Twine, so it’s a game-like Choose Your Own Adventure story. Since I’m studying game development at the moment, I wanted to exercise my newfound coding confidence and stretch my design muscles, but I also wanted to make something that was in some way personal, even if it wasn’t about me exactly, I wanted it to be definitively mine. I wrote the game as part of the Dublin Twine & Jam.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

Portfolio: I Try My Best from Ben Keenan on Vimeo.

This is a video showing off some of the features of my twine game I Try My Best. Created for the 2013 Dublin Twine & Jam, it's about coaching an under confident dude through a party and trying to help him meet a nice girl.

You can play the game at bit.ly/itrymybest

I Try My Best Play Button

Some points of note:

  • There is a slightly dynamic headshot with a confidence level at the top of each page past a certain point in the story.
  • Each confidence level has a bank of random quotes that could be applicable to that frame of mind.
  • You will read the story very slightly differently (only one or two passages) depending on your gender and sexual orientation.
  • Though it is buggy, there is an adventure-game-style puzzle in the living room of the party.
  • There is a timing element established early in the story to set up a not-yet-implemented flirting mechanic later on, to keep the game exciting.

I also posted a little about the game and some of the things I learned over on No Robots:

Currently Working On:

A design doc to tease out the rest of the story with the priority on flirting with the girl on the couch.

  • Date: November 24, 2013
  • Skills: Twine, Creative Writing, Logic Programming
  • Client: Dublin Twine & Jam