Brave Tank

Conceived and designed by Chris Gregan, I worked on this game with Chris and Emmett Corrigan in late 2015 while contracting for Snozbot. Since it’s a satirical take on the revisionist history of colonists, we tried to find a classy way to shock without being completely gratuitous. I think we did pretty well!

Highlights of working on this game include:

  • Coming up with a lightweight “analytics” system for tracking every bullet fired, every litre of fuel spent, every meter driven and the number of bears crushed (with cause of death!)
  • Tuning the appearance, behaviour and movement of the 3D tank in a 2D environment
  • Designing the tank controls
  • Simulating a marching formation behaviour in the “attackers”
  • Listening to what felt like hours of recordings of screams and explosions to get the mix just right
  • Writing vicious satire
  • Hiding a secret ending 😉

Click on the gifs above to play the game on Snozbot’s site.