Half a Giraffe

The Box

We enjoy our movie riffs! We did this to see what a 5-second time limit felt like before we started trying to write or perform anything within that limit.


Another experiment with a simple idea. This, like many of the other Half a Giraffe projects, was conceived, shot and edited all within a few hours as a creative exercise.

Exit Poll

We had a guest director out on this one, the immensely talented Niall Owens.

Movie Poster

A graphic designer walks away from his latest work and leaves his door unlocked. Though I didn't contribute much to this one, it reminds me of the also excellent You Suck At Photoshop series.

Storyland Pitch

Our pitch for the 2011 Storyland round. We later turned the idea into a much nicer-looking sketch.

Daisy's Workout

A cautionary tale about drugs. We have a very strong social conscience.

Low Rent

Rory and Gemma get a new roommate...

Voiceover Reel 01

Available for hire.

Voiceover Reel 02

We like to play around with cheap, fun ideas.

Normal Activity

Part of Half a Giraffe's 5-second films series, this one kicked it off. Gemma came up with the idea and we shot it while Ciaran was over from Canada.

Don't Frape

This fake PSA was made as part of a B-Side marathon - a personal quest to write, shoot, cut and upload a series of sketches in a single day. The others in this run were Pat-A-Cake for Men and Rory's Friend.

Beastiality Reaction Video

This charming piece was only our second sketch in Half a Giraffe. Many thanks to Jeff Doyle for coming out and helping us out on this one. We had a good time putting together the horrifying audio track after the shoot!

Tough Love

One of our more filmic sketches, this piece has screened at the Capital Irish Film Festival and the Galway Film Feladh. I loved the darkness of it when I heard it first and am delighted with how it turned out.

Imperfect Couple

This is our first sketch – there are some serious problems with it; it’s far too long, and the ending is unclear, but as a first attempt, we managed to learn a lot while making something worthwhile from the great performances given by our cast. Emmett Scanlan and Sonya Kelly are terrific actors and we were honoured to have them in our inaugural joint.

Pat-a-Cake For Men

We came up with this one while we were making the other short pieces – I wasn’t sure it would work, but it’s proven to be one of our most popular sketches. It’s also an abject lesson in filmmaking, especially for the internet; the shorter the better. This was made as part of our first B-Sides programme, as per Rory’s Friend, the first sketch on this page.

Spinning Chair Prank

This was one of our first pieces to feature visual effects. In mid-2010, I began working in VFX. We conceived this piece around an effect I had been practising. The image is desaturated and noised to make it feel cheaper than it is, and the editing is meant to feel amateurish, with the intention of making the visual effect more surprising.

Rory's Friend

This is one of our first “B-Sides”, a personal challenge to write, shoot, finish and publish a short in one day. On this first day, we produced three B-Sides, Rory’s Friend, Pat-a-Cake for Men and Don’t Frape. Though it’s been a bit of a divisive piece, I love this sketch, it’s one of my favourites. The surreality and sense of escalating madness makes me smile.

Let the guys pay

One of our earliest scripted sketches.