Shock & Awe

Web Awards 2013 Intro

Sockies 13 - Mario-esque screen

This is another of the screens I created for the 2013 Social Media Awards. I used a lot of the artwork that Bord Gáis had gotten made for the event in this animation to make it blend nicely with the very impressive backdrop they had created to go behind the stage. Along with the Wolfenstein screen, this one took a long time to render.

Sockies 13 - Introduction

This is the introduction I put together for the 2013 Social Media Awards. The 8-bit theme was a lot of fun to work with! It helped that I was given an already brilliant script and recording to animate to.

Sockies13 - Wolfenstein screen

This is one of the videos I made for the 2013 Social Media Awards. The theme of the ceremony was 8-bit, so I tried to do something a bit fun with it, evoking old computer games. This one's based on Wolfenstein 3D, though I eschewed the Nazis! The screen was made using a combination of Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I used the distributed rendering function of the render engine to render all of the screens on two computers at once, but these ones in particular took a VERY long time to cook since there's forced motion blur on the shatter effect, which really took its toll.

Playing With Fluids

This is my first experiment with the physical effects in Blender. Nothing much to see yet, but I'm very impressed with how dynamic and realistic it feels. I'm definitely going to try to come up with a cool application!

Horse in the Hole

Myself and Denis produced this for the Uniquely Dublin competition last week. The illustrations were created by Alan Lambert and were animated by me! I also created the soundtrack. Denis wrote and directed the piece. The excellent cast were Damien Devaney as Charlie Pigeon and Kian Murphy as the boy. Many thanks to Nick McGinley and Vincent Lambe for all of the help putting together the cast. I wrote a post on the process over here.

Web Awards 2012

This is the intro I made to a series of motion graphic videos for the Realex Payments Web Awards 2012 in Ireland. The event is designed to award innovation and quality in the Irish web industry, while managing to be fun and informal.