Corporate Work


IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards 2013

IMAGE Business Woman of The Year Awards 2013

Sundays of Sorrow

The story of Maria, a woman who was displaced several times throughout Medallin, one of Colombia's largest cities.

I worked on this film for Trócaire, made on the same trip as the Cacquetá video. Shot, edited and directed by myself. Produced by Eoghan Rice.

#sockies13 - Wolfenstein Screen

#sockies13 - Mario/Platformer screen

#sockies13 - Donkey Kong screen

#sockies13 - Pacman Screen

I made a series of screens for the 2013 Bord Gáis Social Media Awards - this is the Pacman one. I made it by creating a pacman sprite from scratch in After Effects and animating him around a classic Pacman board.

#sockies13 - Intro

This was the intro for the 2013 Social Media Awards.


I put this video together with the lovely Nathalie for Damien Mulley and Bord Gáis.

Sockies 13 - Mario-esque screen

This is another of the screens I created for the 2013 Social Media Awards. I used a lot of the artwork that Bord Gáis had gotten made for the event in this animation to make it blend nicely with the very impressive backdrop they had created to go behind the stage. Along with the Wolfenstein screen, this one took a long time to render.

Sockies 13 - Introduction

This is the introduction I put together for the 2013 Social Media Awards. The 8-bit theme was a lot of fun to work with! It helped that I was given an already brilliant script and recording to animate to.

Sockies13 - Wolfenstein screen

This is one of the videos I made for the 2013 Social Media Awards. The theme of the ceremony was 8-bit, so I tried to do something a bit fun with it, evoking old computer games. This one's based on Wolfenstein 3D, though I eschewed the Nazis! The screen was made using a combination of Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. I used the distributed rendering function of the render engine to render all of the screens on two computers at once, but these ones in particular took a VERY long time to cook since there's forced motion blur on the shatter effect, which really took its toll.

Greenscreen Work

I lit and shot greenscreen for this piece.

Greenscreen Work

I shot greenscreen for this piece.