I Love Stories

Sundays of Sorrow

The story of Maria, a woman who was displaced several times throughout Medallin, one of Colombia's largest cities.

I worked on this film for Trócaire, made on the same trip as the Cacquetá video. Shot, edited and directed by myself. Produced by Eoghan Rice.


This is a film I directed in the Colombian countryside, an area known as Cacquetá. This film was produced by Eoghan Rice for Trócaire.

#sockies13 - Wolfenstein Screen

#sockies13 - Mario/Platformer screen

#sockies13 - Donkey Kong screen

#sockies13 - Pacman Screen

I made a series of screens for the 2013 Bord Gáis Social Media Awards - this is the Pacman one. I made it by creating a pacman sprite from scratch in After Effects and animating him around a classic Pacman board.

#sockies13 - Intro

This was the intro for the 2013 Social Media Awards.


I put this video together with the lovely Nathalie for Damien Mulley and Bord Gáis.

Horse in the Hole

Myself and Denis produced this for the Uniquely Dublin competition last week. The illustrations were created by Alan Lambert and were animated by me! I also created the soundtrack. Denis wrote and directed the piece. The excellent cast were Damien Devaney as Charlie Pigeon and Kian Murphy as the boy. Many thanks to Nick McGinley and Vincent Lambe for all of the help putting together the cast. I wrote a post on the process over here.

Moustache Task Course

Interview with Denis McArdle

This is an interview with my creative partner Denis McArdle about our film Barry's Bespoke Bakery which he wrote and directed.

The Glass - Wannabe Dancing [Music Video]

This is a companion piece to the other music video featured here Washed Up. We shot these over two evenings.

The Glass - Washed Up [Music Video]

This is a music video for a NYC/Berlin band The Glass. We didn't have much time or any money, so we kept it simple, intercutting between the rehearsals and the live performance. This track is grungy and dirty, so we kept the blocking as dance-friendly as the music. This is a companion piece to the other, gentler piece Wanna Be Dancing.

The Chronoscope

I met Andrew Legge in December 2007 though Morgan Bushe, while I was working with Morgan in Fastnet Films. Together, the three of us made The Chronoscope, a project funded byWicklow County Council through theirPer Cent for Arts Scheme. The film is a Zelig-like Historical Mockumentary about an Irish scientist Charlotte Keppel who builds a camera that can see back through time. Narrated by Jeremy Irons, starring Serena Brabazon and Eoin Whelan, shot around Wicklow, Dublin and London on 8mm and 16mm film, it was the biggest project I had produced by far at that stage in my career. We have been fortunate enough to finish with a film we can be proud of, and have won several awards, including Best Short Film at the Belfast Film Festival. You can watch the trailer here.

Barry's Bespoke Bakery

Barry’s Bespoke Bakery is a project I produced with Denis McArdle, and is my first Irish Film Board-funded short project. The film is about two bakers with antithetical personalities clashing over the making of an ornate and complex cake. The film premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in July 2012. Official Website | IMDb Entry | Presskit