A game developer.


My name is Ben 👋, I'm a game developer from Dublin, Ireland currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. I love programming, game design and, of course, playing awesome games! I worked for nearly ten years as a filmmaker before being lured away by the bright exciting future of interactive art and entertainment. It's a testament to my positive attitude that five years in I'm still super excited 💪!

I'm currently working as a client developer on a massive F2P MMORTS mobile game at DIGIT Game Studios called Star Trek Fleet Command.

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Unity3D, C#, AS3, Python, Bash

Game Design

2D Levels, Kinematic Feel, Data-Driven Systems


Narrative Design, Story, Dialogue


Jenkins, GitLab

Version Control

git, SVN

Soft Skills

Communication, Remote Work, Planning

  • Star Trek Fleet Command

    Role-play and strategize in this F2P mobile MMO RTS. Ongoing project as a client developer.

    Brave Tank

    A small, dementedly fun narrative experience made in Unity with Fungus for Snozbot Games.


    Home is where you’re from, but as you go through life you make new homes, in other places and with other people. Each new home changes you.

  • Badass Fishing!

    A frenetic arcadey action game for mobile – smash fish on the cast and devour them on the reel.

    Cooking with Cthulu

    Another narrative adventure in the Snozbot universe. Even stranger than you might expect.

    Zip And The Misty Mountain

    Android tablet game for children with ADHD that uses an EEG headset to read brainwaves.

  • I Try My Best

    A game about love, sex, even just a kiss. Honestly, whatever I can manage. Dublin Twine Jam.

    Moustache Task Course

    Jam-winning tongue-in-cheek "macho" challenge-based boardgame.

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Lisbon | Dublin

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+353 87 935 0483