Outdoor spaces I love.

Grand Canal, Portobello

San Francisco on film

Cablecar, San Francisco

Grand Canal Dock

Ocean Bar

Sunset on The Liffey

GPO, Dublin

Liberty Hall, Dublin

Lime Street, Dublin

Dame St., Dublin

Aungier Street, Dublin

Path to oblivion

The Pacific, Santa Barbara

Treebones, Big Sur

Winery, Paso Robles

Trudge Through Snow, Grand Canal Dock

Driving Through Fog

Indian Statue


Herb Garden, Ballymaloe

Herb Garden, Ballymaloe

Herb Garden, Ballymaloe

Shell House, Ballymalloe

Campsite, Electric Picnic 2012

Sandals on the Golden Gate.

The Man On The Street

Kilmainham Gaol

Baggott St.

Grand Canal

Big Day Out

Merrion Square

Ferris Wheel

Maisy in the snow


Choir, Rome

Vespa under creepers

Trotting Clown


The Streets of Rome



Grand Canal Dock

Grand Canal Dock



Woodland Walking

Sunny Wicklow

Woodland, Wicklow


San Francisco

Union Square, San Francisco

Bray Seafront

Shot on 35mm Neopan film.

A market in Rome, Italy.

Pier 14, San Francisco shot on 35mm film.

Signposts by Pier 24, San Francisco, shot on 35mm film.

San Franciscan Fog

California Light

Houses On The Hill