5 Second Film: The Box

A film parody, like the Voiceover Arist videos we made, this was a quick way to play with the running time of 5 seconds without having to pick up a camera.

5-Second Film: Hardback

Yes, yes, I know – it’s not a hardback book, but it is a way to work in an erection joke, an eternally welcome opportunity over at Half a Giraffe. This was another experiment, along with Paranormal Activity, that we did to explore the running time. This has quite a few edits of course, and we shot an angle in there that we didn’t end up using.

5-Second Film: Normal Activity

Part of Half a Giraffe’s 5 second films series, this one kicked it off. Gemma came up with the idea and we shot it while Ciaran was over from Canada.

Along with our Hardback sketch, this was an early experiment with the running time of 5 seconds. It turns out that writing for 5 seconds is tough, but not as tough as you’d think. I reckon the last few years of sketch-making have been good to us.