Barry’s Bespoke Bakery available on the RTÉ Player

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Short Short I produced Barry’s Bespoke Bakery is available to watch on the RTÉ Player for a little while. If you live in Ireland and haven’t seen it yet, this is the only way to see it online. I’m afraid that it is not available to watch if you are outside of Ireland.

This is so it doesn’t affect out international festival run. If you are abroad and would like to see the film, keep an eye on our screenings page, where we post details of all upcoming screenings.
This version on the RTÉ Player will expire on Wednesday the 17th of July, 2013. Please do watch it before then if you can and tell me what you think!



[dropcap]U[/dropcap]niquely Dublin have most wonderfully seen their way to selecting Horse in The Hole for their shortlist. We are exhibiting in the Little Museum of Dublin for the next few weeks until the 26th of April. The exhibition is open and free to the public. Please do stick your head in and have a look at our entry and the other works if you’re in the vicinity.



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The competition’s being run by The Little Museum of Dublin with the support of Dublin City Council and we’re delighted to have been shortlisted – given the quality of the other nominees, we’re in esteemed company. The grand prize of this competition is decided by public vote; you can vote here:

[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”green”]Cast Your Vote Here![/button]




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Things I Learned From Joss Whedon

[intro]I went to see Joss Whedon’s new film Much Ado About Nothing today, followed by a talk from the man himself. I came away feeling inspired, below are a few of the things Nathalie and I spoke about, that were rattling around in my head on the way home.[/intro]

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Character always comes first. Whether it’s a douchebag in Much Ado About Nothing, or Hawkeye in The Avengers. I’m reminded of a great quote I heard from Denis: [cite]What does he want, and why can’t he?[/cite] Motivation is everything.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap] Collaborate carefully. Joss made a point of saying that he worked with his friends, and that he picked those friends up as he went from project to project. He clearly worked hard to get them and to keep them, and he credits them with bringing a lot of ideas and energy to their projects.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Make what you write. As he pointed out, these days there’s no excuse for not constantly producing and writing your own material. I’ve been feeling quite itchy (no, not down there) lately to get out there and get making things again. I get this point completely.

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Don’t be afraid to stay small. This crossed over with something Gabe Newell said on a podcast recently. Being small means you can be nimble and quick, and can leapfrog the competition. You don’t need to be part of the machine, you can build and drive your own business around your own content.

[dropcap]5.[/dropcap] Be humble but confident. Joss was humble, eager to acknowledge the work of others and to make light of his efforts, but he wasn’t falsely modest, or insincere. It’s important to always stay real and connected to the reality of your successes and failures.