Green Screen

Green Screen

I did some work a little while ago with the good people of ClipGurus. I hadn’t done greenscreen work before, so it was as interesting experience.

Green Screen

Grand Canal Dock

Grand Canal Dock

Grand Canal Dock is an oft-photographed area; it’s one of the few big Celtic Tiger developments that actually worked, and I think that’s part of its appeal. I spent six months working around the corner on Barrow Street, mostly doing visual effects on The Good Doctor, and in that time, became familiar with the space.

Grand Canal Dock

Grand Canal Dock


Dublin Zoo

I'm just chillin'

Back in November I went on a photowalk in Dublin Zoo with Eoghan, Kate and Maria. I had just gotten my camera and didn’t have much in the way of lenses, but the 5D Mk. II did not disappoint. I was struck by the narrow depth of field, glut of pixels and amazing light response.

I'm just chillin'

I dare you to rub my belly



Lensbaby, baby

Renée in Red

Before my gear was nicked, I was the proud owner of a lensbaby, a lovely little bit of plastic, metal and glass, great for a bit of fun. My friend Richard was in a band called The Wire (which has long since disbanded) and they had Renée, a guest vocalist, on for a charity gig they were doing.

Renée in Red

These are some of the lensbaby shots I got with her and the others:

Richard in Space

The Wire - Backstage - 0051

The Wire feat. Renée in The Sugar Club


Saint Vincent de Paul Gig - 0117

Bull Island

A Wee Shell

My good friend Terence gave me a lend of his 350D for close to a year before I managed to buy my own camera, a favour I won’t forget! I went out to Bull Island with Richard and his girlfriend Lisa, a year and a day ago today.

A Wee Shell

Obligatory Flowers Shot


Set The Film Alight

Fire Breath By Bursaar

This is one of my very, very few shots ever taken on film. Snapped this at a friend’s house party. A mate of ours used to do firebreathing.


The U S of Hey!

Pacific Heights

The why and wherefore of how I ended up going to the US is an interesting story, but not one for this blog. Here are some holiday snaps 🙂

Statue of Liberty

Santa Monica Pier

Infinite Corridor

Noo Yawk

Three Wee Deer

Red White & Blue

Pacific Heights



IMG 5352

I adore hazy summer days. The light takes on a volumetric quality.




Dame Street in Haze


Self Portrait

I’m not a big fan of doing portraits…I simply don’t enjoy or understand the process of getting the best out of someone when you are sticking a camera in their face. Some people are brilliant at it, I am not one of them. I do grab shots now and then I kinda like.


I know it’s a self-portrait, but I feel it’s fair. When I’m taking a photo, for better or worse, I hide behind the camera. I strongly favour candid photography. The less of me they see, the better my photograph will be.

Tim Dillard

A good, old friend of mine, Tim Dillard. I just snapped this as we walked, but being an actor, he somehow managed to make it look interesting.

John McHale (with ice-cream)

John McHale, production designer extraordinaire loves his ice-cream, and he’s a great sport about having a camera shoved in his face! I took this when we were working together on a short film called The Daughter of The Brotherhood. We had just come off the long, gruelling shoot for Kisses, a wonderful feature film that was shot mostly at night, meaning it had been months since we’d had a meaningful relationship with daylight.


Lil' bitch a-runnin'

There were so many snowpocalypses the last 20 months or so in Ireland, it’s hard to remember which one this was.

Lil' bitch a-runnin'

Snow Night!

I didn’t have my camera long when I shot this. The snow had just fallen and I wanted to try to capture it. I loved how manic the dog was, she was so exultant about the snow, loving everything about it and understanding nothing. I shot everything in monochrome because the sodium lamps are virtually monochromatic, giving off a very narrow spectrum of light, and there’s almost no colour information when you shoot in colour. Sometimes this is fine, but I didn’t want a screenful of yellow snow! I kept the cutting style of the video rough, unexpected cuts and lingering shots…I think the B&W evoked a feeling of vintage home movies. The flash towards the end of the clip is actual lightening.

The music, for anyone wondering is Shape of Things To Come by Bear McCreary, composed for Battlestar Galactica. It’s worth listening to the whole piece since I just took the beginning. It finishes quite epically. The piece is a companion and conclusion piece to Passacaglia from the same TV show.

Wandering The Streets

G. P. O.

Yet more pictures of this picturesque town of ours.

Thanks to Nathalie for persuading me to keep the autumnal tendrils at the top of the frame.

Liberty Hall



The East

Also, I have discovered that I love skies.

5D Mk. II Test

I bought my new camera principally for its video capabilities, though of course I love stills too. This is the first test I shot on it.


Spring Break!

Live music photography used to be my favourite type of photography. While I’m glad to have branched out since coming back to photography, I do miss it sometimes. Was out socially recently and caught a shot of Spring Break in full swing.

Spring Break!



Is there a finer time of year than Spring? Well yeah, sure, but apart from Summer, I mean.

I picked up a new lens over in NYC, a shiny new 20mm f/2.8 Canon EF USM lens. I went out to play and got a couple of shots I enjoyed. This is one of them.


Dublin Town

Aungier St.

I love taking pictures of this fine city.

Aungier St.

Pleasant Street

I also like stumbling across a bit of news:
The Damage

Garda at the site

The Kids

Maisy with her new haircut

My sister and I moved back home from our respective apartments about 18 months ago, and brought our pets with us. This is Maisy (hers):
Maisy with her new haircut

This is Bruce (mine):

And this is Maisy’s old ‘do:
Maisy with old haircut

Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

I didn’t make it out to the Golden Gate Bridge on my last trip to San Francisco. I got these last time I was in town.

Golden Gate Bridge



Lightning Strikes


On a trip to Colorado, my friends and I noticed that just about every night, the peaks surrounding our apartment in The Rockies were alive with dry lightning storms. I borrowed a remote shutter and would leave the aperture open for up to five minutes, letting it snap shut the instant we saw a flash.





File2749 (Large)

These old shots are from the VERY brief period in which I shot on film.

File2749 (Large)

A couple of shots taken at my local park.

File2787 (Large)

File2788 (Large)

A few shots from a very atmospheric shoot in the basement of Kilmainham Gaol for a film that was called Possession at the time. It was later retitled Christian Blake. I was there with some friends for a cameo performance, but I haven’t seen the finished piece and so don’t know if I made the cut.

Posession Shhot 008

Posession Shhot 018

Posession Shhot 016

Posession Prison

These last two shots are from my film The Rise of The Bricks.

File2752 (Large)

In every set of film stills there's the clapper board...


Grafton St.

Found this in my Flickr stream, I shot it one evening after Christmas on my old 30D. While I quite like it, the grain is horrific and it makes me feel so much better about my current camera’s noise performance!

Grafton St.

Galway Film Fleadh

I always try to take photo’s at the Fleadh and I almost always fail. It’s either too busy or too boozy (sometimes both). A few years ago though, I caught a break and snapped off three bracketed shots which I combined together into a HDR shot.

Galway Sunset

Winter Wonderland

All of the snow last year and this year was so surreal, so alien to everything I’d known, that I felt I needed to capture it.