Oh! Rolling Hills of Cork!

Macaroons !

I hit up Cork with Nathalie last weekend and caught some of the sights and sounds of a city in Ireland that isn’t Dublin (I know, I didn’t believe it either, but Wikipedia confirmed it).

Corkonian Landscape

Briars (Maybe)

Look! Cows!

Look! Cows!

Suburban Non-Dublin Landscape

Cork Skies

Cork City at Dusk


We also found time to go to the English Market – where they sold macaroons.






And cheese.

English Market Cheese

And fish.

Here fishy fishy

Salmon Of Knowledge

Roma: Piazza

The Choir

While taking a break from the traipsing around the Tavasere district to let our iPhones get their table on:

iPhones in Repose

We enjoyed some Limonade Naturelle – freshly squeezed lemon juice, with sugar, water and ice on the side for you to add to taste:

Limonade Naturale

We then noticed a disturbance the other side of the Piazza:

Piazza de Santa Maria

And when we got there, discovered there was fun a-happening! A (probably) South African choir doing an impromptu performance!

The Choir

Rome on Film

Wooden Pots

When Nathalie whisked me to Rome earlier this year, we brought along my recently-acquired film camera and fired off a few rolls of ridiculously fast 35mm B&W.

Wooden Pots

Nathalie a Roma

Nighttime Streets of Rome


Dublin 8 Skies

Anybody reading more than a handful of posts from this site knows that I LOVE skies. Here are a couple of shots I got recently I was quite happy with.

The Sea

Dublin 8 Skies

Dún Laoghaire Skies


Spider Bottom

Nathalie came over to my house recently and happened to have her gorgeous 100mm macro with her. We each snapped a bunch of shots of this little monster we’d caught in a jar.

Spider Top

Spider Bottom


Weather Rollin' In

Had the good fortune to visit Glengarriff recently with Nathalie. She was doing a wedding shoot down there and took me down to beautiful West Cork with her. En route, we stopped for some delicious lunch in Avoca, which Nathalie duly took gorgeous pics of (I was too busy scoffing). We then noticed these lovely little guys on the way back to the car:

Hangin' In There


Hanging On


Hanging On

Lavendar Field

Then once we were in Glengarriff and had a bit of time, we hit Seal Island (I wanted to include a link to Google Maps here, but there’s too little coverage of West Cork, it’s pretty off the grid). Nathalie got some stunners.


Japan or West Cork?

Italy or Japan?

Weather Rollin' In

Welcome To The Jungle



Nathalie's Pieces of Flare

All credit for the macro shots goes to Nathalie – she kindly let me use her beautiful 100mm macro lens, and some of the bee shots are certainly hers, we both took so many, we found it impossible to figure out whose were whose!

The Dizzy Olympics

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Google Plus or even just around in real life, I’m sure you will have already been exposed to my pimping this:

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the effects. This was actually quite a simple job. First, I tracked a couple of seconds either side of the explosion. Then I grabbed a still frame from when she’s left the frame, lined it up with one where she’s still in it and then linked it to the tracking data. Once I’d done that, I created an alpha matte that I animated over her head and arms. Then I added the blood, which are from Video Co-Pilot Action Movie Essentials and isolated her arms and head and animated them flying off at high speed. It was important to add motion blur to everything of course so it blended in. The last stage was creating a camera wiggle with the explosion to make it feel like there was a shock wave. All told, it took me about three hours to put it together. I’d recommend checking out Video Co-Pilot if you haven’t already.

The Vatican I: Say Your Prayers

St. Peter's

Though I’m not an especially religious person, The Vatican was quite amazing. It stands like a living remnant of the Roman Empire – the buildings look and feel as old as the Colusseum and Pantheon, but they remain in use.

The Murals

The Statues
Something I’d never known – all of the old Roman statues would have originally had eyes. Amazeballs.



St. Peter's

An Experiment in HDR

The Good Office

I’ve mixed feelings about HDR; here are a couple of shots I took with two different schools of approach to this oft-maligned technique.

The Good Office

A Tough of Dynamism

The former is high global contrast with a large radius…there are light and dark “halos” around areas of differing range. The latter is low global contrast, regular local contrast. I think the latter is the most naturalistic and preserves the most detail, whereas the first one feels like a more pronounced effect.

My concerns with HDR revolve around how it deals with information; sometimes you want as much information in the frame as possible, and sometimes it’s about the artful destruction of information, causing the eye to fill in the gaps.


I shot this yesterday as a wee experiment. Camera was Canon EOS 5D Mk. II, I don’t have an intervalometer, so I used the packaged EOS Utility software and left it tethered to my laptop.

New Dublin

The National Convention Centre

These are from the last few days.

I took this yesterday from the studio I was shooting in at The Factory. The building is right on the water, and this is out of the back window.

Grand Canal Dock
Grand Canal Dock from The Factory

Nathalie kindly took me along to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy in the National Convention Centre. The light was nothing short of spectacular.

The National Convention Centre
The National Convention Centre



Grabbed some shots at a gig by a couple of friends of mine, Chandigarh. It was an entirely improvised electronic set in a relatively new venue called Hello Operator near the top of O’Connell Street.

Hello Operator








Boring Chopper

I queued for about five hours to see Obama speak on College Green, but due to a lack of ruthlessness, ended up quite far back. Still, I can say I was there. During my interminable queueing, standing constantly and without much distraction, I managed to take quite a lot of photo’s of the big crowd.

This toolbag decided to jump up into my shot…he’s probably a perfectly nice guy, but after spending over three hours being crushed right beside him, I am filled with murderous contempt. Well I was, I don’t really care anymore.


Looking Back

Looks like Oxegen

Boring Chopper

Run For It!

Side Alley

A rare moment of rarefaction

The Press


High & Mighty

Panorobama 2

_MG_9270 - HDR

Panorobama 1

I also got a a few shots the evening before of town eerily quiet, the calm before the storm.

Calm Before The Storm

The Calm

Before The Storm

I even took a few short videos. I didn’t record the speech as I figured there would be far clearer versions on the ‘net, and I also didn’t want to be so busy recording the event that I missed it myself.

The Glass


I was approached late last year to shoot a couple of music videos for a band called The Glass. I got a bunch of work dropped on me so it was nearly five months before I got them done!

This is Glen aka DJ Wool:


This is Dom:


The two videos were a bit of a creative challenge since the feel of the songs are quite different, but the footage is quite similar. I tried to adopt a more dreamy feel for the slower and more elegiac Wanna Be Dancing:

For Washed Up, the grungier, dirtier track, I tried to give the cut some swagger and cajones.

Exit Poll

Half a Giraffe - Harry Peterson

As part of Half a Giraffe, we use my camera more often than not to shoot the sketches and ideas we come up with. I snapped this through the lens as the director walked our cast through the scene in a rehearsal for our sketch Exit Poll.

Half a Giraffe - Harry Peterson