Film Shots

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hough I’m quite busy at the moment, I couldn’t help but try out some of the bells and whistles on my new site. Here are some of the film shots I’ve shot in the last couple of years.

I have a bag of undeveloped film I promise to get done some time this year. Watch this space!

Spec Ad

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his was a fun one! I made this to show off some of my skills so I could start looking for advertising work. Check it out above and let me know what you think.

Many thanks to Gemma (of Half a Giraffe fame) for being such a good sport.

Ballymaloe Cookery School

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]rowing up, I had the good fortune to visit Ballymaloe almost every summer. My family would stay in the cottages that were used the rest of the year as student housing for the Cookery School. We had access to the freshest, most delicious food, in the most beautiful surroundings. We stopped going when I was about ten years old.

I visited again once more in 2007, right before I produced my biggest project to date at the time, The Chronoscope. I don’t remember much from that family occasion, except a powerful feeling of peace I got from the place, my tense muscles uncoiling as I turned the corner into the grounds of the farm where the school, gardens and accommodations are nestled.

Nathalie had the wonderful luck of being gifted with a prize for a course, accommodation and meals for two in Ballymaloe this year, and we chose a subject we knew nothing about: seafood. We had both intended to take a lot of photographs of the food we’d be working with, but the course was impressively intense, so what follows is a more reflective post than I’d expected. I hope fish-centric culinary photos are to follow, now that I’ve upskilled, but you’ll have to do with this trip down memory lane with me instead. If it’s any consolation, I think the school in Shanagarry, Co. Cork is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.


The Avenue

The Tree House

High Life

Cleaning Time


Pink Cottage


Scarecrow Lady

Pink Cottage

Tennis Courts

Shell House






Ferns in sunshine




[dropcap]I[/dropcap] do get to know quite a few actors in my line of work. I’ve never taken official headshots, but I often can’t help myself when I’m around an actor, I do tend to take their photo’s. Here are a couple of great guys I’ve worked with over the years.

Tim is a wonderful actor, great fun and a tremendous voice-over artist.

Tim Dillard

This was taken on the set of a piece we were working on together in 2006. Cathal’s a really talented artist and has a great flair for improvisation. He brought a lot to the projects we worked on, can’t recommend him highly enough.

Cathal Sheahan


Going to a gig in Whelan’s recently, I had the pleasure of catching The Magpies opening for Myles Manley. I didn’t get too many shots, sadly. They were really good though, had a nice bluesy sound, and a tight rhythm section.





Indian Statue Garden

A month or so ago I visited The Indian Statue Park and walked Victoria’s Way with some friends, a bizarre patch of Eastern culture with a tech twist in the middle of Co. Wicklow.

Passing a plaque dedicating the park to Alan Turing, you enter the park along a “Birth Canal” (ahem).

2012,  - 01 of 08.jpg

Here there’s a large green area with a selection of statues in various poses.

2012,  - 02 of 08.jpg

You can then enter Victoria’s Way, an almost hidden path through the forest, which comes out into clearings featuring very large sculptures. They are all evocative, some of them more striking than others.

2012,  - 03 of 08.jpg

2012,  - 04 of 08.jpg

2012,  - 05 of 08.jpg

2012,  - 06 of 08.jpg

The clearings provided oases – quiet spaces where we reflected on the imagery without really intending to.

The park is easily accessible from Roundwood, cheap to get into and well worth a wander. I went back again a few weeks later with some friends and a macro lens on loan from Nathalie.


I don’t generally photograph with much of a thesis in mind, but here are some textures that I liked exploring.


Cobwebs In Sun

Wee Bird







Christmas Day





Paso Robles

Paso Robles is a wine country south of San Francisco, an emerging market, newer and cheaper than the Napa Valley. Nathalie and I took a tour of the vineyards – I managed to taste a lot of wine, though I had to do a lot of spitting as I was driving. This also led to us buying FAR more wine than we should have, making our return trip tricky, expensive and a little messy. Still, no regrets.



Wine Country

Big Sur

Treebones Sky

At the very beginning of January, Nathalie and I drove from San Francisco down to San Diego. Nathalie has some gorgeous shots from our stay at Treebones. I found myself hypnotised by the Pacific.




Californian Skies


The Grand Canyon

Several years ago I visited The Grand Canyon and discovered the most beautiful landscape I’d ever seen. I had only gotten my first camera (it was really quite a while ago!), so I struggled to do it justice, but given the vistas before me, it wasn’t tough to get gorgeous shots.
Road to the Canyon

A Grand Canyon

Beautiful Grand Canyon

Hazy Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon - Couple

The Agency

I came across these this morning and thought they’d be worth a look. This was a TV series created by Emmett Scanlan that he approached me to direct a few years ago for Storyland.

First, we made a thirty second pitch (above). We were fortunate enough to be selected for an interview, so we shot a few character scenes to clarify the style of the comedy and delivery since Emmett would be in the US shooting MTV series The Phone when we were scheduled to interview and we figured his presence would be missed.

Though the clip is deliberately short, we shot about half an hour of material, which was a lot of fun. Emmett and I worked together first on a feature film I directed in fits and spurts between 2004 and 2007 and The Agency was going to be made in that style; with a carefully developed script, heavily embellished with improvisation.

Sadly, we didn’t get selected (though another series I pitched did), but Emmett came on board for the first Half a Giraffe sketch a couple of years later.


LA Streets

Very soon (SO SUPER SOON) I will be visiting the sunny state of California with Nathalie. It reminded me that I’d never really been through my shots properly since being in the States earlier in the year with Shane (who has a great photoblog you should check out). Looking through reminded me of the benefit of time – I saw so many shots I’d missed on the first edit. Kinda tempting to go back through all libraries and pick out some old shots.

We started off in Santa Monica, an uncommonly lovely part of LA.


Our hotel was right by the famous Muscle Beach.

_MG_2003 - Version 2


_MG_2009 - Version 2

_MG_2015 - Version 2

IMG_1978 - Version 2

We then headed into the belly of The Beast, LA itself and Hollywood.

_MG_1983 - Version 2

_MG_2079 - Version 2

_MG_2110 - Version 2



_MG_2157 - Version 2



Of course, LA is the home of a religion I am not mad about, but since it is so intrinsically mixed up with celebrity and the film business, I am still rather curious about Scientology.

_MG_2199 - Version 2

We found ourselves outside this place:

_MG_2266 - Version 2

_MG_2178 - Version 2

And of course, we ventured in. It was a decidedly creepy experience. It is also the site of the famous meltdown by BBC journalist John Sweeney when making an episode of Panorama about Scientology.

We also indulged in taking in a little wildlife while we were there.


We then hit the open road North and got some real heartland America stuff, which is always great.


While I was driving, Shane snapped these:


_MG_2439 - Version 2


And of course, San Francisco was beautiful, and I didn’t take nearly enough photo’s. I plan to rectify that on my return.

_MG_2471 - Version 2