Thank you for asking to know more about me. If this were a conversation, I’d be quietly flattered. This is a website for my work and personal lives. My game and film work sits here, along with my photography, writing and blog. 

My name is Ben Keenan, I have a lot of interests and skills. If you’d like to know more about my skills, please check out my gamefilmmaking and photography portfolios, if you’d like to know about my interests, please check out my blog.

I’ve always loved games, first playing them and later thinking and talking about them. Working as a filmmaker, I’ve spent the last ten years going from idea to script to production to polish and then finally to distribution, and while I will always have a lot to learn, I think my background has given me a head start in the world of computer game development.

I’m deeply interested in storytelling – working in film for twelve years and taking photos for six. I write, produce and direct, in that order of commonality. I live in Dublin, Ireland, though I travel as much as I can.

I have produced several short films, including Barry’s Bespoke Bakery (Irish Film Board), The Chronoscope and This is Not A Conspiracy Theory (RTÉ). In my late teens and into the start of my twenties, I wrote, directed and co-produced the feature film The Rise of The Bricks, starring Emmett Scanlan, Eoin Macken, Ciaran McNamee, Cillian Scott and Cathal Sheahan.

You can catch my comedy work over at Half a Giraffe, a project I developed with some talented folks.

If you would like to use any of my images for anything please contact me. I am very reasonable and obliging.